Thanksgiving at Love Apple Farm

We’re preparing for the holidays in a big way at Love Apple Farm. While the orchards become dormant, inside the market and cafe’ is alive with new products and great holiday entertaining ideas. We are now accepting special orders for white Heritage turkeys–farm-raised at the Northwind Farms in Tivoli NY. The Bakery is compiling a list of handcrafted baked goods for all your dessert needs. Want some of our tasty apples shipped? Let us know….for all general inquiries: moc.m1555584371rafel1555584371ppaev1555584371ol@of1555584371ni1555584371. Baked Goods and desserts? Email Nichole at moc.m1555584371rafel1555584371ppaev1555584371ol@yr1555584371ekab1555584371 –she is waiting to hear from you! While you are here…make sure to sign up via email to learn more or receive our newsletter coming out in 2019. Thank you all for your continued support of local agriculture and farm markets. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

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