Art Space Opening September 16 ~ Venus Occults Jupiter

Love Apple Art Space, in partnership with Art-in-Buildings, is pleased to announce the opening of its new fall exhibition, Venus Occults

Jupiter. The new show features works of seven artists includingTamar Ettun, Sara Jimenez, Lily McElroy, Lily Cox Richard, Carolyn Salas, Markel Uriu, and Paula Wilson.

Venus Occults Jupiter uses the 2018 Bicentennial of Ghent, NY, (the location of Love Apple Farm in the Hudson Valley) as the jumping off point to examine artists who employ beauty and empathy as techniques to challenge the presentation and distribution of information and subvert conventional historical narratives.
The exhibition’s title references the 1818 occultation of the planet Jupiter to Venus. This was an extremely rare eclipse that occurred when one planet passed directly in front of another planet, obscuring it from view. Coinciding with the founding of Ghent, NY, in that same year, this occultation was the last recorded – the next such eclipse is not forecast to occur until the year 2065.
In 1818, the planet Venus, named after the ancient Roman goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, and victory, crossed Jupiter, the gas giant named after the Roman king of all gods, of light and the sky, and the protector of the state and laws.
This exhibition considers the auspicious relationship between these mythological characters, the critical values they represent, and the facility of the artists on view to use beauty as a tool to question contemporary political and cultural norms and traditional modes of representation.
The artists in this exhibition explore ritual, mythologies, and the contradictions between the personal and historical. They draw attention to ideas often overlooked, breaking down traditional presentations of power and control. Two hundred years after the astronomical event, Venus Occults Jupiter reflects on the importance of challenging conventional narratives, exploring empathy as a means to combat exclusionary histories.

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