Upon Arrival

Your Guide to UPICK

Before you head out to the orchards, please check in with our staff at the front registers.

ALL VISITORS must receive an admission ticket. We will go over any questions you might have and provide you with a detail map of the orchards and the farm.

PLEASE NOTE: NO DOGS allowed in the orchards or market space/café due to NYS Health and Agricultural restrictions. This is a concerned health issue that will be enforced. Please respect the land…no littering or dumping. Remember proper hygiene -wash your hands before handling any fruit (especially after visiting the petting zoo!!)


The Orchards are shared by many visitors…many who choose to walk, bike or stroll through the fields. Weather and Conditions permitting, you may drive your vehicle into the orchards. Use your discretion and CAUTION as roads can be bumpy or muddy dependent on weather conditions. Enter at your own risk ! If your vehicle gets stuck, you will be responsible to remove the vehicle from the farm.


We suggest a minimum purchase of $4 per person for early fruit season. Apple season is a $10 minimum UPICK. We can provide you with baskets or bags that are readily available inside our market. You can pick first and simply bring your apples/fruits into the market to be weighed. If you bring your own containers, you must have it weighed BEFORE picking. Orchard produce prices fluctuate seasonally and according to crop size. DO NOT PICK unripened or not listed. They still need time to grow and you will still be charged.

We welcome large groups for a small admission fee. Email: info@loveapplefarm.com

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Orchard Hours

8:30am till 5:00pm