11th Annual Chatham Farm Tours

What a gorgeous start to our Fall season! It has been magnificient …and so has been our apple crop this season. It was a much earlier start than anticipated and we have benefitted from the rain and steady heat with great sunshine. We are looking at another 3 weeks of choice apple-picking. So if you haven’t yet…you’d better pack the kids and in-laws into the car and head out to the beautiful Hudson Valley Region for the best New York State apples on the east coast.

To help you make that decison, this SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 28th from 10-4pm—Love Apple Farm is proud to be part of the 11th Annual Chatham Farm Tour. With 20 farms to visit and explore, this tour allows visitors to see the diversity of farming in the northern Columbia County region…and IT’S FREE !!


UPICK Season is HERE !

Dear UPICKERS…it’s the season of the Apple and here at the farm , we have a bumper crop of over 20 varieties of apples. There are some simple rules that we ask of our guests when coming to visit the orchards.

First and foremost, we want to have fun and enjoy the farm. That means sharing the responsibility of keeping our orchards safe and clean. Walking the grounds is the best way to experience our apple season. Try to avoid taking the car and if you must due to physical limitations, please be watchful of others walking and small children playing in the orchards. Please only pick what’s ripe and ready—ask at the market counters for a map and list of selection for that day UPICK.

Second-NO DOGS are permitted in the playground area , the orchards and our market space. New York State Law prohibits any animals where food is being grown, served and open market space inside a facility. Please note that service dogs are permissable accompanied by the proper documentation.

Third-PICK only what you will eat and purchase! Do not pick from the trees without the intention of purchasing or simply discarding the fruit. Please be conscious that we are a working farm and rely on years of fruitiion to keep our harvest bountiful.

We look forward to seeing you this Fall Season ….hurry in to pick your favorite apple this harvest !!!

UPICK SEASON has officially begun!!!

50 Years of UPICK at Love Apple Farm—-July 1, 2019 starts our UPICK season at the farm. We have been patiently waiting for Mother Nature to decide when would be the right time…and now is the time!!

Here’s what’s available on the farm: Cheeries, Gooseberries, Blueberries, Red Raspberries, and Black Currants. Prices vary rom $3-4.oo per lb. We ask that you stop in the store to check in before heading out to the orchards. Simply return after your adventures into the orchards and pay for what you picked! We apprecicate you respecting our PYO Policies and Procedures.

PLEASE NOTE: NO DOGS or pets are allowed in the orchards or market/cafe. This is a strict NYS HEALTH CODE and we ask that you respect our grounds and fruit by obeying this rule!

Wear a hat, stay hydrated and have fun!!!

Here's what's new at the Farm!!

Celebrating 50 years in the Hudson Valley, Love Apple Farm is committed to continuing the tradition of bringing our community and its guests…fresh, local food from our farming partners and regionally-sourced New York specialty items. From our very own orchards to our partners in farm, we strive to offer a market filled with local fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats and poultry.

The Bakery has a new leader- Bailey Sangret who has studied under Mona from Talbot and Arding for the past several years. Today she brings her love of farm and food to our bakery. Using the finest flour and ingredients, she will make your sweet tooth beg for more!!! You must stop in and see what’s new . We sample our baked goods almost every day!!!