UPICK SEASON has officially begun!!!

50 Years of UPICK at Love Apple Farm—-July 1, 2019 starts our UPICK season at the farm. We have been patiently waiting for Mother Nature to decide when would be the right time…and now is the time!!

Here’s what’s available on the farm: Cheeries, Gooseberries, Blueberries, Red Raspberries, and Black Currants. Prices vary rom $3-4.oo per lb. We ask that you stop in the store to check in before heading out to the orchards. Simply return after your adventures into the orchards and pay for what you picked! We apprecicate you respecting our PYO Policies and Procedures.

PLEASE NOTE: NO DOGS or pets are allowed in the orchards or market/cafe. This is a strict NYS HEALTH CODE and we ask that you respect our grounds and fruit by obeying this rule!

Wear a hat, stay hydrated and have fun!!!